Saturday, 11 February 2012

MUA and lovehearts!

MUA and lovehearts have collaborated for Valentines day this year and MUA have created their own new range of cosmetics! (yes i was very excited too when i found this out, i mean whats better than sweets and makeup?!)
So here are the products...
Loveheart lipbalms-£2.00 each
colours-top left-sugar lips, top middle-great lips, top right-kiss me, bottom left-hot lips, bottom right-sweet kiss.
Loveheart nail varnish-£2.00 each
colours-from left to right-I WANT U, U & I, I <3 U, LOVE U 24/7, U ROK and U R FAB.
So altogether 12 lovely new products which should be coming to superdrug stores near you!
If you would like to check out the official MUA website (seen as these are not available on the superdrug website) click here.

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