Saturday, 11 February 2012

January Favourites (sorry it late!)

hi everyone, sorry this post has taken so long to get to you but ive been very lazy lately when it comes to my blog ooooppppsss...
anyway lets get started!-
Vaseline rosy lips
I have been loving using this on my lips recently seen as it gives my lips a pink tint and moisturises them amazingly.
soap and glory wish upon a jar cream
i absolutely love this stuff! its a really good thick moisturiser and is great for winter and the colder months.
its a little expensive at £15.00 but then again soap and glory is a great brand.
lush bubblegum lip scrub
i have got into a habit of using this in the mornings and when i go to bed, its great in the mornings because it gets rid of any dead skin cells that are on my lips and i apply my vaseline rosy lips after and my lips feel great.
MAC studio fix
i use this everyday and i love it! i would definitely recommend it to people who like to set their makeup with a light-weight powder that dosent irritate skin. It leaves your makeup looking natural and your face looking healthy.
benefit boing concealer
this is one of my favourite go-to concealers because i know i can rely on it. It covers spots and dark circles quite well but if your not satisfied then you can always put a little extra on.
sleek blush pixie pink
i have been really enjoying using this blush since a bought it (about a week ago) it looks very very bright and if it came out that bright then there would be no way i would use it but it comes out lighter than this and looks quite good on me. usually i would of gone for a more natural colour but i thought what the heck.
so that concludes my January favourites i hope you enjoyed bye bye

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