Friday, 6 April 2012

I'm on Cloud Nine'

This years summer trends are beginning to arrive in the shops and here are a few items that will be your wardrobe staples for the summer.
Fondant Pastels
these are the jeans that people will be rushing to the stores to buy, so avoid the rush and stock up now! :L
this gorgeous lace top with collar is the perfect thing to wear with your jeans, to stay in with the trends this season!
These patterned leggings will definately be on your wish-list! i mean there just too irreistible!
FANTAS'tic FloRalsE
And finally this will be the floral pattern that you are dying for!!!

Saturday, 18 February 2012


The first place i went to was boots! And as usual i couldnt pass the Benefit counter without picking something up!
I picked up the porefessional! this is a product i have been wanting to try for AGES and i finally got it! YAYY
I got a really good service at benefit (as usual) and they were very helpful. i will do a review on this product when ive had chance to try it out properly.
Sleek blusher from Superdrug for only £4.49 i think.
this was mentioned in my January favourites but i thought i would mention it in this haul anyway.
I got thee Accessorize nail polish in Aztec for an amazing £4.00.
I also got a free diamond lipgloss in the shade-divine. this is way too shimmery for me so i probably wont be using it but it was free so it dosent matter.
And i got some face wipes from Wilkinsons for only 30p
 Then i decided to pick up a doughnut from Krispy Kreme. mmmm those doughnuts are delicious!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Lush bath concoction!

Hey everyone!
this is my first ever lush bath concoction post!
here are the products used-
Half of creamy candy bubble bar.
Half of Karma bubble bar.
Half of Melting Marshmallow Moment (MMM) bath melt.
And i used the top of the Gingerbread House from the Christmas Collection (without the cinnamon chimney).
mix those all together and this is what you get! (yours may look a little different because it all depends on how much you use of each product, i think i got all the amounts correct but it should look like this anyway.)
So grab a Strawberry Smoothie and relax in your bubbly and fruity bath!
bye bye

Sunday, 12 February 2012

BB creams!

BB creams have recently been quite popular since brands such as Garnier and 17 have come out with their own BB creams. I dont think that many people knew at first what a BB cream was and how to use it (ill admit i didnt!), and i think this is a reason why it took a little while for them to become popular, but now most beauty gurus will have at least one BB cream in their collection.
The first one i heard about was the Garnier BB cream, this comes in 2 different shades and is available in boots and superdrug. it is on offer in boots at the moment so click here to get yours if you haven't already!
17 BB cream is available at boots so click here if you would like to check it out! This one comes in two shades as well, and is slightly cheaper than the Garnier BB cream.

No7 beautiful skin BB cream is available at Boots and click here if you want to check that out too.
This also comes in 2 different shades and this is a little dearer than the garnier bb cream. This is also available for normal/dry skin and oily/greasy skin too.

Loreal nude magique BB cream.
this is available at boots and i think at superdrug too. personally i have never seen this in any boots or superdrug store near me but thats probably because i dont look properly..
anyway it says its new. this one comes in, guess how many shades, yess you guessed right! 2!
click here to check this out.

UNE intuitive touch bb cream foundation. available in boots and superdrug. this one comes in a lot of different shades. Now...this says it is a foundation so i am guessing that it gives you more coverage than just a bb cream. I really would like to try this but its a little expensive at almost £15. click here for more info.

so i hope you enjoyed and i hope i have shown you a good range of bb creams.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

January Favourites (sorry it late!)

hi everyone, sorry this post has taken so long to get to you but ive been very lazy lately when it comes to my blog ooooppppsss...
anyway lets get started!-
Vaseline rosy lips
I have been loving using this on my lips recently seen as it gives my lips a pink tint and moisturises them amazingly.
soap and glory wish upon a jar cream
i absolutely love this stuff! its a really good thick moisturiser and is great for winter and the colder months.
its a little expensive at £15.00 but then again soap and glory is a great brand.
lush bubblegum lip scrub
i have got into a habit of using this in the mornings and when i go to bed, its great in the mornings because it gets rid of any dead skin cells that are on my lips and i apply my vaseline rosy lips after and my lips feel great.
MAC studio fix
i use this everyday and i love it! i would definitely recommend it to people who like to set their makeup with a light-weight powder that dosent irritate skin. It leaves your makeup looking natural and your face looking healthy.
benefit boing concealer
this is one of my favourite go-to concealers because i know i can rely on it. It covers spots and dark circles quite well but if your not satisfied then you can always put a little extra on.
sleek blush pixie pink
i have been really enjoying using this blush since a bought it (about a week ago) it looks very very bright and if it came out that bright then there would be no way i would use it but it comes out lighter than this and looks quite good on me. usually i would of gone for a more natural colour but i thought what the heck.
so that concludes my January favourites i hope you enjoyed bye bye

MUA and lovehearts!

MUA and lovehearts have collaborated for Valentines day this year and MUA have created their own new range of cosmetics! (yes i was very excited too when i found this out, i mean whats better than sweets and makeup?!)
So here are the products...
Loveheart lipbalms-£2.00 each
colours-top left-sugar lips, top middle-great lips, top right-kiss me, bottom left-hot lips, bottom right-sweet kiss.
Loveheart nail varnish-£2.00 each
colours-from left to right-I WANT U, U & I, I <3 U, LOVE U 24/7, U ROK and U R FAB.
So altogether 12 lovely new products which should be coming to superdrug stores near you!
If you would like to check out the official MUA website (seen as these are not available on the superdrug website) click here.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Best green shimmery nail polishes

Butter London Thames
Miki shimmery mint apple green nail polish
Miki mint apple green
opi nail polish- fresh frog of bel air
thanks for looking i hope you enjoyed i am sorry that i didnt add the price and where its from but i cant remember.