Friday, 20 January 2012

Lush Valentines collection!

Hey so as you all know Valentines day is coming up soon and as usual Lush is way ahead of us and have already brought out their collection!
25:43-gorilla perfume-from-£2.75.
A million kisses lip tint-£4.95.
chou chou.. i love you-toothy tabs-£2.95.
Do knot disturb-gift set-£16.95.
Leap frog-bath bomb-£2.75.
Love potion-massage bar-£5.95.
Lots of love-gift set-£24.50.
magic mushroom-bubble bar-£2.45.
P.S i love you-gift set-£16.95.
sweetheart soap-£3.00.

so yeah that is all the lush valentines products for 2012!
i really want to try-a million kisses, leap frog, love potion, magic mushroom and sweetheart soap.
thanks for reading guys bye bye!

Hey everyone just a little update!

Hey guys im sorry i haven't posted in a while and unfortunately i wont have any haul videos for you because at the moment i am saving my money for a massive shopping spree at Manchester Trafford Centre. but i will try and keep posting other things...
so yeah that was short but im going to search for other things to post about now so bye bye!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Christmas Haul!!! Happy New Year! :)

Hey everyone im so sorry for not posting anything in like ages but i wanted to have a little break seen as it was Christmas.
The first place i went to was Lush and i only got one thing :( from the Christmas sale and their was actually a lot of stuff left but i didn't find much i wanted to buy.
I got the melting snowman! bath melt.
I wanted to try this out a few months ago but i didnt buy it, so when i saw this with 50% off i was soo happy!!! so from £1.95 this ended up at only 97p!
Look at him what a cutie lol
I also picked up their newest version of the Lush times.
The i went to Primark and sadly only got one thing :(.....
I got this beautiful purse/makeup bag and it was only £1.00!
I absolutely love the print on this bag i think its so cute and Christmasy (if thats even a word).
Then i popped to Topshop and i only got two things.
Firstly i got one of their charity bracelets with a squirrel on for £2.00. i recently saw Raych3kinzX mention this in her 'what i got for Christmas video' check that out by clicking here.
 I got one of their lip balms in Dew for £4.00.
I also went to river island.
How cute is this!!! the reason why i bought this is because iclelivzi shows it in the 'what i git for Christmas video' and i just had to buy it. this was £15.00 and was also the reason why i couldnt spend alot in the other shops i went to because it was very expensive. But it is quite big and has a lovely chain on it.
Thanks guys for taking the time to read this and i hope you enjoyed!