Monday, 2 January 2012

Christmas Haul!!! Happy New Year! :)

Hey everyone im so sorry for not posting anything in like ages but i wanted to have a little break seen as it was Christmas.
The first place i went to was Lush and i only got one thing :( from the Christmas sale and their was actually a lot of stuff left but i didn't find much i wanted to buy.
I got the melting snowman! bath melt.
I wanted to try this out a few months ago but i didnt buy it, so when i saw this with 50% off i was soo happy!!! so from £1.95 this ended up at only 97p!
Look at him what a cutie lol
I also picked up their newest version of the Lush times.
The i went to Primark and sadly only got one thing :(.....
I got this beautiful purse/makeup bag and it was only £1.00!
I absolutely love the print on this bag i think its so cute and Christmasy (if thats even a word).
Then i popped to Topshop and i only got two things.
Firstly i got one of their charity bracelets with a squirrel on for £2.00. i recently saw Raych3kinzX mention this in her 'what i got for Christmas video' check that out by clicking here.
 I got one of their lip balms in Dew for £4.00.
I also went to river island.
How cute is this!!! the reason why i bought this is because iclelivzi shows it in the 'what i git for Christmas video' and i just had to buy it. this was £15.00 and was also the reason why i couldnt spend alot in the other shops i went to because it was very expensive. But it is quite big and has a lovely chain on it.
Thanks guys for taking the time to read this and i hope you enjoyed!

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