Saturday, 10 December 2011

November Favourites

                                        Hey guys i have a November favourites for you and i hope you enjoy!

The Loreal studio secrets universal lip glow-£8.49 from Boots
I LOVE this lipstick (if thats what you would call it) this is supposed to change to a specific colour when you put it on your lips. to be honest i think its a bit of a gimmick because it dosent really change colour, if it does then its only slightly. i prefer this for adding a very natural pink tint to your lips and a little shimmer too. i would recommend this product to people who maybe are not a massive fan of lipsticks but still want a little pink glow on their lips.

MAC studio fix powder plus foundation-£19.50 from MAC
I am really, really enjoying using this powder and i will definitely be buying this product again. As everyone knows MAC packaging is just gorgeous and looks very professional. this comes with a mirror and a sponge underneath the actual powder. some people say that any MAC products being sold on eBay or Amazon that come with a mirror or sponge are fake, but that isnt always true. This powder gives a very nice finish to the skin and i use this after i have put my proper foundation on. this powder dosent really give any coverage but like i said gives a brilliant finish. personally i think this is a very cheap product and is so worth the money.

Rimmel 25 hour lasting finish foundation-usual price-£6.99 on offer in boots for only £4.99!
I bought this because i was in need of a new foundation and i was going to buy the collection 2000 perfect finish foundation but i realised it was £5.99, and i thought it was only £4.99 so i decided that was a bit too much to pay so i decided to have a look around boots and i came across this one on offer. I thought for rimmel this was a good price to pay and decided to ive it a try. ill be honest i have only had this about a week but i had to add in this into my november faves because it gives such a good coverage and is so build-able.
softlips french vanilla lip balm-£1.83 from superdrug
this is a great lip balm to use in the winter months because it leaves your lips feeling very tingly and fresh too.
the words run off it quite quick though this is an old pic so it has worn off considerably more now.overall this is a very cheap and good lipbalm, what i love about this is how thin the actual lip balm is.
Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer-£4.99 (i think) from boots
I love this concealer, im sure if you watch makeup gurus on youtube you will of seen these loads of times now. the writing on mine has nearly all worn off now but the next one i buy im gonna use clear nail polish to keep it on! this covers dark circles and blemishes very well and is very reasonable for a concealer.
I would give this product five out of five!  :)
Vaseline rosy lips lipbalm-£1.99 from boots.
this vaseline is the only one that has and colour in it and also tints your lips. i think this one is the dearest out of them all but i think £1.99 is a great price to pay for a lip balm. it really moisturises your lips and leaves them feeling fresh. i would recommend this as a christmas stocking filler, because its definitely a handbag must have! lol.
Topshop blush in 'high five'-£6.00 from topshop.
This is very nice and natural if you want a little splash of colour on your cheeks. i usually put this on and then put my No7 one on top. i would recommend this also as a little stocking filler because its a good quality blush. i love the packaging its soo cute and it also has a huge mirror for on the go!
No7 blush in 22 candy pink-£9.00 from boots
This is the blush i like to wear over the top of my topshop blush they are quite similar colours when you put the together. i only paid £4.00 for this because i used a No7 voucher and got £5.00 off, i think £9.00 is a little expensive but i would still pay it. this adds a really natural pop of colour to the cheeks and is great for the summer, but i use it in winter too because even though its cold dosent mean you cant have some rosy red cheeks! :)
Lush snow fairy lip tint-£4.95 from Lush
To be honest with you i think this is priced too high, i think that £2.99 would be a much better price. the reason why is because the pot it comes in is soooooo thin and small. hopefully this will last me long and wont run just run out in like a month or something. i would recommend getting down to your nearest lush before christmas to pick yourself one of these up, they would also be great stocking fillers for people who love sweet candy smells and love pink tinted lips.
Vanilla hand cream-£1.99 from H&M.
Sorry about the bad picture..
i love the smell of this hand cream it is vanilla flavoured also has shea butter in it. these are really moisturising for your hands. i also love the little unicorn pictures on the front too!  :)
they are quite small these tubes though but what do you expect for only £1.99?
again..these are also good stocking fillers.
Harajuku lovers 'music' perfume by gwen stefani-£12.50 from boots/superdrug.
I actually got mine for £7.99 from TKMaxx in the summer but they dont have them any more :(
this is a very summery fragrance but i like to wear it in winter too. if you can get your hands on this then i would get it for a friend for christmas.
 Nivea pearl and beauty deodorant-£1.00? from bodycare
this was a limited edition one so i dont know if its available any more but all the niveas are good anyway
Nails Inc nail polish in Picadilly Circus-FREE in a GLAMOUR magazine.
barry m limited edition nail paint-£3.99 from superdrug
Rimmel fix and perfect primer-£6.99 from boots.
chapstick hot lips kit-£3.50 from ASDA.
MUA heaven and earth eyeshadow palette-£4.00 from superdrug.
(A great dupe for the naked palette!)
The body shop born lippy in passionfruit (i think) -£2.00 from the body shop
benefit confessions of a concealaholic concealing kit-£28.50 from boots.
MUA lipgloss in shade 5-£1.00 from superdrug.

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