Saturday, 10 December 2011

The New Soap and Glory Makeup Range in Boots!

Hey guys i wanted to talk to you about the new soap and glory makeup range at boots. I dont own any thing from the range but i am looking forward to trying them out!
Soap and Glory Cheekmate £8.00 from Boots.
It comes in one colour (rosy glow) and it is a tint for your lips and cheeks. It looks gorgeous and i really want to try it.
soap and glory smoulder Kohl-£5.00 from boots.
ive seen this on youtube and its a really pigmented dark black colour and lasts well, according to the reviews i have seen.
soap and glory kick ass concealer-£10.00 from boots.
i think it comes in light and medium. so there isnt much choice in shades. but it comes with an under eye concealer, an 'on the spot' concealer and a translucent setting powder!  A handy 3 in 1 set for only £10!
soap and glory show good face foundation.£11 from boots.
it comes in six different shades, which i suppose is ok especially for their first every attempt at makeup.
it is also a 2 in 1 foundation and primer which i think is great, for when your in a rush because you wont need to apply a primer as well. i think the only thing that dosent impress me is the packaging. if the packaging was a little nicer then it would of attracted me more.
soap and glory lipstick-£9.00
Like i said i haven't tried anything from the makeup range yet so i cant really give an opinion on it but i think it is quite pigmented.
soap and glory thick and fast mascara-£10.00.
soap and glory glow all out-£11.00.
soap and glory love at first blush-£11.00.
soap and glory lid stuff eyeshadow quad-£10.00.
so yeah thanks for looking and i hope you enjoyed, these are not all the products so if you want to see more them check them out in a boots store!

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