Thursday, 17 November 2011


Hey guts i have quite a big haul for you so ill just get started.

Benefit some kinda gorgeous foundation faker-£23.50 (Boots)
To be honest with you i wouldnt recommend this foundation because it dosent give any coverage at all, all it does is give you a silky feel on your skin but that dosent last long on your face. When i bought this i thought that it was going to give me good coverage and last long but it dosent do either of those for me. This is definitely a rip off for nearly £25.00 and isnt worth it! I thought benefit would of been better but i guess not :(
 Natural Collection tinted moisturiser-£1.99 (Boots)
I quite like this product, it gives a little coverage and for some people would work as a foundation. Its a really good price so its easily affordable.
 Topshop blusher in High Five-£6.00 (Topshop)
I LOVE this blusher sooo much its really natural and looks great too. This is a great price and you gets lots of
product too, its creamy so glides on. Please go buy this :)  !!!

 Natural Collection cream blusher-£1.99 (Boots)
I would recommend this product to any one who loves a natural blush, as you can see in the picture i have half blended it so when its fully blended you can hardly see it but it is build-able. Its really cheap so pop down to boots and get yourself this! :)
 Natural Collection Duo eyeshadow £1.99 (Boots)
These eyeshadows are okay but not great, their mostly highlighting colours because they dont have a lot of pigmentation.
MUA lipstick Shade 5 £1.00 (Superdug)
This lipstick is sooo pigmented it unbelievable especially for the price too! This is the best lipstick i have ever tried in the drugstores, but i would recommend using something like lipcote with it because it dosent last that long.
 MUA eyeshadows £1.00 each (Superdrug)
I really like these eyeshadows, the one on the right is great for highlighting and the pinky colour is good for a pink makeup look. I would definitely recommend the MUA eyeshadows because they are highly pigmented and look great.
 PIXI Rose lip treat £2.99 (TKMaxx)
I love this product its really moisturising on your lips and leaves them with a slight shimmer too. This was really cheap at only £2.99! so get yourself down to TKMaxx and check out all the other great PIXI products.
 Benefit Powda Wowza box set £19.50 (Boots)
This is a limited edition Christmas set so if you want it, get to your local Boots store and buy it! :) in the set you get Top Left-coralista top right-bella bamba and Hoola at the bottom. my favourite is Hoola because its very natural. Coralista and bella bamba are VERY shimmery so i dont use those as much but i still like them. The lad at the benefit counter said this is good because instead of paying £23.50 for one blusher you can pay £19.50 and get three of them! i know their only small but they last quite a long time. you also get a mini brush with it, which is sooo soft and works quite well too.
benefit confessions of a concealaholic £28.50 (Boots)
You get 5 different products in this- that gal face primer, erase paste in medium, boing concealer in 1and 2, eye bright, lemonade, and two little brushes.
My favourite thin in this set is the boing concealer. i use both colours mixed together and it covers spots quite well. however erase paste i do not like, for me it dosent cover spots that well and i find it hard to get out of the pot too. The that gal face primer is another of my favourites, its a very nice shimmery primer and is good to use under a powder foundation. it leaves your skin looking radiant and healthy. eye bright and lemonade are quite good too i dont use them much so i cant really say much.

 MAC studio fix powder foundation in NC20 £19.50 (MAC store)
I love this product soo much! i can not believe that benefit some kinda gorgeous foundation faker was more than this! omg its great! its really good for setting your liquid foundation or if your going for a more natural look then even on its own. i would definitely recommend this!
makeup brush set £4.00(i think) (wilkinsons)
I absolutely love these brushes, i use the first one for contouring and blusher and bronzer.
i use the second one for powders. I use the third one for my eyeshadow. i use the fourth one as a lip brush, and the last one for eyeliner.
MUA lipgloss £1.00 (superdrug) This lipstick is ok but not great, i dont use lipglosses that much but this one of my favourites. i would recommend this because its only £1.00. :)
collection 2000 cream puff moisturising lip cream in 4 angels delight £2.99 (superdrug)
i love these so much my favourite one is 1 cotton candy but this one is ok too. these are so cheap and are definitely something you need in your makeup bag!
 Loreal studio secrets universal lip glow £8.49 (Boots)
I LOVEEEEE this lipstick soooooooo much it dosent really do much but it gives your lips a healthy look and is really moisturising. its kind of expensive but its worth it, its supposed to change to a certain colour but its a bit of a gimmick i think but yeah i like it. its kinda see through i dont know how to explain it but jdrmakeup mentions it in one of her haul videos on youtube so if you want to see check that video out or google images it.
 collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer £4.99 (Boots)
this concealer is great i love it! i know i say i love a lot of products but its true. this is good for under eye concealing.
 Natural collection eyeliner £1.99 (Boots)
leopard print teddy makeup bag £13.00 (river island)
 red converse high tops £42.00 (BANK)
 black patent bag £8.00 i think (Primark)
 pauls boutique bag £66.00 (BANK)

and last but not least a pair of lovely blue shoes £3.00 i think (primark)
thanks for taking the time to read my post thanks!!! :))

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